1200 kV Transmission Line Corona Effects and Electro Magnetic Fields

This paper was presented at the International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Technology (ICHVET-2015)-January 29-30, 2015, Hyderabad.

ABSTRACT: In order to utilize less Right-of-Way and efficient transmission of bulk power, India is set to establish a 1200kV AC power transmission system. The Right of Way requirement of a transmission line is defined by the magnitude of the Electric field, Audible Noise, Radio Interference, and Magnetic field in its vicinity due to power flow in the line. In this paper, line parameters for 1200 kV single circuit transmission line of horizontal configuration are calculated. The Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Audible Noise levels, and Radio Interference levels at different altitudes above the ground produced due to power flow in the line are evaluated and plotted. These simulations are carried out by considering the minimum height of the conductor in a span. Based on simulation results and ICNIRP international safety guidelines the Right of Way requirement for 1200 kV transmission line are also discussed.

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